Takigi-noh theater in Tokyo

We went to see Takigi-noh theater(Noh performance outside by a fire at night) devoted to the deity god in Hatomori-jinja shrine on the weekend. Hatomori-jinja shrine is very close to Sendagaya station. Noh theater was so beautiful and gorgeous. We saw the performance hearing the sound of woods slightly cracked by fire and seeing burned woodContinue reading “Takigi-noh theater in Tokyo”

Takigi-Noh theater

Last sunday I went to a city hall to see Takigi-Noh theater.  We usually call “Noh theater performed outside by fire” Takigi-Noh.  But due to a typhoon approaching Japan, the Takigi-Noh theater had to changed to be performed at the theater indoors without fire.  This was a shame.  Nevertheless, the performance of Noh theater was great!!  I now plan to see other Noh theater in near future.