A must snack?

Pekochan yaki along Iidabashi-dori street

Walking Kagurazaka-dori street carefully, we can find food shops and standing bars. Some are worth visiting.
Firstly, I take up an amusing shop, Pekochan cake(Pekochan- yaki) shop near Iidabashi station. The word Pekochan is the name of a mascot character of Fujiya, a Japanese sweets manufacturer. Also, Fujiya has a chain of family restaurants besides its sweets.

Pekochan, Fujiya, a Japanese sweet manufacturer

Anyway, Pekochan has been a very popular “kawaii” character for years in Japan. Here, in Kagurazaka, there is a snack shops selling Pekochan cakes in Japan. The reason I am writing about the cakes is because they looks so unique.

Due to the form of the cake, pekochan-yaki probably got very popular. In addition, there are several tastes available now. You can choose one among a few different creams which is put in the cake.
To tell the truth, the owner of this shop happens to be my acquaintance. Once I heard from him that his father started this shop. He took over his fathers shop later.

If you have chance to visit Kagurazaka, please take a look at this shop. Then try this cake.

Pekochan cake
Pekochan cake
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