Why Kagurazaka?


Most of the overseas tourists would not know Kagurazaka. I would tell why Kagurazaka is the good place for sightseeing. Ir is in Shinjuku ward and it takes about only 13 minutes from Shinjuku to IIdabashi station from which you can walk to Kagurazaka area.

I know that Asakusa, Ginza, Harajuku, Akihabara are the most popular places in Tokyo for tourists to visit. They are conspicuous and easy to understand their values.
On the contrary, Kaguraza is a modest cool place. It has happened to be where my old school is located.

Thinking back, I was lucky to study architecture at Tokyo University of Science in Kagurazaka. I was so enthusiastic about architecture and studied very hard then.  In one class, we did research on our neighborhood, Kagurazaka.  Until the research, I had not noticed that there are attractive lanes, hills, and steps in Kagurazaka.  For the research, I walked around Kagurazaka with my classmates and analyzed what made this place so intriguing.  After that experience, the maze-like lanes have become one of my favorite.
I had lived in Britain for a couple of years. During the stay, I made trips in Europe very often taking a look at Palladio’s villas or other famous modern architecture there. I love Toledo, Paris, Seville and other cities and towns in Italy and Spain e.t.c. Above all, I like Kagurazaka in Tokyo and truly want more people to know this good cozy place.
I am sure that the mazelike lanes in Kagurazaka would suit traditional Japanese masks.
Please join a Tokyo walking trip in Kagurazaka

Akagijinja shrine
Kagurazaka-tori Ave.